Wedding Package Details

(Each package includes a full edit of the ceremony as well as any speeches that occur during the reception.)

The Highlight Package | $3000

The Highlight Package includes a full edit of the ceremony, a full edit of any reception speeches and a highlight film. The highlight film usually lasts about 4 to 6 minutes.

Your wedding is a story... your own personal and unique story. The highlight film is designed to tell your fairytale story in the most cinematic way possible. We carefully and thoughtfully select parts of the wedding day/weekend and strategically edit these together to tell your story. There is much more to it than editing footage in chronological order. We love using elements like handwritten letters, personal vows, and heartfelt speeches throughout the film to help tell your story. If you plan on having speeches at your rehearsal dinner, we highly recommend adding this to your package.

We can arrive during the "hair & makeup" preparations. Throughout the day, we look for sentimental and emotional moments to capture. If you are aware of any special moments, we would love to hear about them. Our years of experience have taught us to be ready for spontaneous moments, but if we are able to prepare for them... all the better.

We deliver your films online and on a thumb drive.

Here is the highlight film we created for Rob and Tatum:

The Documentary Package | $3000

The Documentary Package includes a full edit of the ceremony, a full edit of any reception speeches and a documentary film. The documentary film usually lasts about 15 to 30 minutes.

So what exactly is the documentary film? Well, you've probably heard couples mention how fast their wedding day goes by. The documentary film is edited chronolocically and is a great way to relive all the memories that passed by so fast and even experience the moments you may have missed. We pay special attention to all the details that are important to you.

We will be there as you get your hair and makeup done and make sure that coat and tie are perfect. We can stay through the reception to make sure we capture all the activities and events of your big day. Are you reading letters to each other? Are you having any special dances? Will you be wearing a sentimental handkerchief? We want to know. This is your day and the details are unique. We understand this and would love to go over any and all details you want captured to remember for the rest of your life.

We deliver your films online and on a thumb drive.

Here is a documentary film we created for Allen & Paige:

The Documentary & Highlights Package | $3500

If you would like to have a cinematically told story as well as all the sentimental details of the wedding, we offer a package that includes both the documentary and highlight films. This package also includes a full edit of the ceremony and any speeches that occur during the reception.

The Rehearsal Dinner Add On | $500

Sometimes some of the most emotional parts of the entire wedding weekend happen during the rehearsal dinner. If you are planning on having speeches during the rehearsal dinner and would like these memories to be a part of your film, we highly recommend adding the rehearsal dinner to your package.