Matt & Claire

The Sonnet House | Leeds, Alabama

Matt & Claire were married four years ago, but never had the opportunity to have a wedding. Through the inevitable ups and downs of marriage, they fell deeper and deeper in love. I think Matt's reaction to seeing Claire walk down the aisle says it all. We were so honored to be able to help tell their story.
- Josh

a note from Matt & Claire...
"We received the films in the mail yesterday evening. After we put the kids to bed, we began to watch what you had created. It's very difficult to describe the footage into words. As I stumble through this inarticulate email, all I can really say is thank you. We sat silent and just soaked it all in. Many tears were shed and we had to replay it over and again. You did an amazing job capturing our story. From footage to music selection, it was absolutely incredible to watch. We will treasure the films for decades. "

Venue: The Sonnet House
Photography: Leslie Davis | Freshly Bold Photography