• "We received our video package last week and can't stop watching! It's like we see a new special detail every single time :) We are so grateful that you were able to capture our wedding weekend..." ~ Chase & Chelsea
  • "We received the films last night! I spent almost all night watching everything. Haha. You did such an AMAZING job! We were blown away! Thank you for creating these videos that we will watch for years to come..." ~ Trey & Katherine
  • "I literally cried the other night telling Andrew that when I am old with a long life behind me I hope my final dream of drifting off is that last clip of us dancing.. just the two of us..." ~ Andrew & Lauren
  • "How do I even start? I just got home and saw the package by the door, immediately dropped all my stuff and started watching....even the initial screen page with the music and menu blew me away..." ~ Krzysztof & Tish
  • "We received the films Friday. I don't think I have ever anticipated a package with such enthusiasm in my entire life! We watched them that night and were both brought to tears. The highlight film was amazing!..." ~ Roger & Kelly
  • "I walked up to my house today fully ready to workout and do some errands, much to my delight your package had arrived - I just spent the last three hours watching, crying, and re-watching everything. YOU ARE AMAZING!..." ~ Brenden & Emily
  • "We are completely captivated by the videos. You guys did a wonderful job creating this cinematic wedding video :) If there were a contest for wedding videos, we'd definitely enter it...." ~ Brandon & Shani
  • "Josh, Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did! The videos were stunning and just perfect! I cry every time I watch them! I have gotten so many compliments about just what a fantastic job you two did!!..." ~ Nick & Cori
  • "Josh, WOW! We cannot thank y'all enough for the amazing job y'all did with our wedding video. It will definitely be something we will cherish for the rest of our lives! I seriously don't think anyone could have done a better job!..." ~ Adam & Kathryn
  • "Thank you so much for the videos! You have made all of us cry (in a happy way). It was so wonderful to relive that day and can't thank you enough for capturing it forever for us!..." ~ Jonathan & Ann
  • "I don't even know what to say! It's absolutely beautiful and perfect!! Thank you so much for capturing the most important day of our lives!! It's more than we could have hoped for!! " ~ Lane & Beth

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